Dear DJC Member,
Have you ever tried to attend a DJC event and found that it was not accessible to you because of a physical, mental, or psychological barrier? The DJC Accessibility Committee is tasked with enhancing accessibility to all events for all DJC members. To achieve this, we need to learn more about the accessibility needs of our congregation. This will help us to be more sensitive to the diverse needs of our community and in turn try to implement accessibility initiatives relevant to those needs.
If accessibility issues are relevant to you or someone else you know in the community, please take a moment and respond to this brief survey. No need to include any names, unless you would like to be
contacted directly by someone from the Accessibility Committee.

* 1. Have you ever encountered an accessibility barrier to a DJC event? (If yes, please specify)

* 2. To help us plan our work, please let us know which conditions are most relevant to you or someone else you know in the community. We want to address all things that could impede your/their ability to access and fully participate in the DJC community.
Some challenges may be more visible while others may be less visible. We are interested in all:

  Relevant to Me Relevant to Someone I know
Severe mobility challenge (wheelchair, walker or cane user or difficulty with stairs)
Severe visual impairment (white cane or service dog user)
Less severe visual impairment (may need large print or other accommodation)
Hearing Impairment
Intellectual/Developmental Disability
Learning Disability
Mental Health Challenges

* 3. Do you have any accessibility actions you want to suggest to us?
e.g. implementation of a certain technology, changes in the way services or events are organized 

* 4. Do you have any ideas for topics or speakers for future Shabbat Itanus (the annual shabbat service focused on accessibility and inclusion ?

* 5. Name and Contact Info: (optional)