It’s Time to Have Your Say At Aerocare

The Aerocare Agreement is now due for renegotiation.  This is your chance to improve conditions in your workplace.  The TWU is the Union for all airport workers and will be negotiating with Aerocare for better pay and conditions.

To help us make your working life better, please fill out this CONFIDENTIAL survey and tell us what matters to you.

Aerocare will not know who you are or what you have said about your work.

Together we can make the next four years better at Aerocare.

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* 1. What issues are important to you?

  Very Important Important Not Important
Increasing the minimum shift payment from 3 hours to 4 hours
Guaranteed weekly hours of 20 or more rather than the current 60 hour monthly guarantee
Consistent rostering patterns to allow supplementary employment if required
Guaranteed annual pay increases
Removal of split shifts
“Nominated Hours” included when calculating ordinary hours and overtime eligibility
Industry standard overtime rates: 'time and a half' and 'double time'
Overtime to be calculated on a daily basis rather than monthly
A maximum of eight ordinary time hours per day
Industry standard public holiday rates
Industry standard Saturday and Sunday rates
The right to union representation without victimisation from my employer
Access to union officials and delegates in my workplace

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* 2. What do you think is a fair wage increase:

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* 3. The next Agreement should run for:

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* 4. Please tell us of any other issues you want fixed in your next agreement:

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* 5. Staying in Touch:
(These details will remain confidential from your employer.)