* 1. The magazine’s name is easy to pronounce.

* 2. I like the magazine’s name.

* 3. I find the overall content of Instaurare to be pleasing.

* 4. The pictures in Instaurare are great.

* 5. I enjoy reading the magazine.

* 6. The writing in Instaurare is excellent.

* 7. I look forward to receiving Instaurare.

* 8. Last year, Instaurare updated its look and design from a newsletter-style to a magazine-style. Do you like the new style?

* 9. Last year, Instaurare changed the paper type and thickness. Do you like the new look and feel of the paper?

* 10. I read the entire issue.

* 11. Are there other features or topics that you would like to see covered in Instaurare?


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