1. The Great Global Quality Control Survey

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Tell us how YOU run your Quality Control!

There's the QC that is taught in the textbooks... and then there's the QC that's run in the real world.

We're trying to get a handle on the actual QC practices that are done around the world. So asking you to share what you do in this global survey.

To help motivate you, we're offering several prizes to randomly selected survey participants. The prizes include:
  • 10 participants will receive their choice of a free Westgard bobble-head, Westgard thumb drives, or one online course
  • 5 participants will receive a free copy of Basic QC Practices, 4th edition
  • 5 participants will receive a free copy of the New Poor Lab's Guide to the Regulations, 2017 edition
  • 1 laboratory will receive an on-site Westgard QC Workshop (from "a" Westgard, not "the" Westgard)
We are grateful to our sponsor partner, Technopath, for supporting the Westgard QC Workshop prize.

So please, fill out the survey, and we'll soon find out "Where in the World will the next Westgard Workshop be?"

You may win a Westgard Workshop sponsored by Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

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