1. 5 quick questions

Thanks for taking a minute out of your day
to answers a few questions.

Johnn (from RoleplayingTips.com) and I
(Yax, from DungeonMastering.com) were recently
talking about the astounding amount of great
content being created by passionate RPG
hobbyists and we realized only a tiny fraction
of that content is ever read by anyone but
the author and a handful of people.

We thought we could help people
make their work known and help them create
an income from the RPG hobby.

Johnn is the author of 4 books. We both
have written for Wizards of the Coast.
We have written hundreds of articles on
our websites and newsletters.

And last but not least, we both receive
money every month for our RPG work.

So this quick survey will help us know
if we should reach out and create a
step-by-step course to help fellow
gamers make a living out of their hobby
or if we should just mind our own business!

Thanks again for taking the time.

* 1. Have you ever considered selling or publishing
your RPG work? (adventures, game systems,
campaign settings, artwork, novel, etc.)

* 2. If you had private coaching phone calls
with Yax (from DungeonMastering.com) or
Johnn Four (from RoleplayingTips.com) what
questions would you ask? What would be the
most worrisome aspect of publishing and
selling your own work?

* 3. How much would you be willing to pay for
a step-by-step course that covered creating
and publishing your work and turning it into
a reliable source of income?

* 4. What kind of content would you be interested
in creating and selling? (adventures, game systems,
campaign settings, artwork, novel, etc.)

* 5. Any questions or comments?

* 6. We are giving away a few prizes to the
fine folks who took the survey. If you'd
like to enter the contest, just enter
your email address below. Thanks.