First, we want to sincerely thank you for your service! We're so grateful for essential workers like you who are serving our communities during this difficult time. Please read through the following information, and complete the form only if you are eligible to purchase the masks we have reserved for active healthcare workers.

In addition to our donation program, we have set aside masks for purchase specifically for healthcare and other essential workers.* This program is intended for those who are currently working in situations that involve a moderate to high level of risk based on their occupation or location. We have received many request from those on the frontlines of this crisis for a program allowing them to purchase the PPE they are in dire need of; we ask that you please use your best judgement in determining if the masks provided through this program are needed in your situation.

If you are on maternity leave or not actively working, we ask that you please wait to request masks from this program until at least 7 days prior to returning to work. You are also welcome to purchase a preorder mask when available; preorders will be released as often as we are able.

*Only those working in healthcare (as a provider or in a patient-facing administrative role) or first responders are eligible for this program. 

Purchases through this program will be sold as a single set of two masks (both of the same size); limit one set per person. Cost for set of two is $22.* Purchases through this program are excluded from our 'Get a Mask, Give a Mask' donation program. In lieu of donation, you will receive two masks for the price of one (compared to regular retail). 

Masks are made from Liberty of London fabrics; please note that your mask may be any of a dozen Liberty prints (mostly floral)

Quantities are limited; our team is currently producing as many masks as possible, and we will do our best to continue to reserve inventory for healthcare workers.

*To nominate your workplace for our mask donation program, please email

Upon receipt of your submission and verification of your credentials, an invoice will be issued via email. Purchases are not guaranteed until invoice is paid. 

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* 5. Help us verify your credentials as a healthcare worker.

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* 6. Are you actively working in a hospital, medical clinic, emergency response facility, nursing home, or other essential workplace providing medical care?

*For those who are currently on leave, but plan to return to work in the near future, we ask that you wait to request masks until you are less than 7 days from returning to active duty (in order to get masks into the hands of those who need them most). You are also welcome to preorder a mask when available; preorders will be released periodically.

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* 7. Mask Size

Please review our Size Guide to determine your mask size. (Please note, we can only accommodate one size per order.)

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