This is an opportunity for Athletes, Officials, Clubs, State and National Associations to submit details about an initiative that may fall into one of the six defined categories. The intention is to showcase all submissions during the SA Awards night.

Shooting Australia, together with the Member Organisations, would like to thank and acknowledge the work of the many who are actively engaged in our Shooting Community.

Officials in Training Individuals who have been learning to become an Official in the Shooting Sports in varying capacities including Club, State, National or International level or a Club, State or National Association who has initiated an Officiating program.

Club Improvements A Club who has made significant improvements to the facilities for the betterment of its Members and the Shooting Sport.

Most Adaptive Clubs A Club who throughout the unfortunate challenges of 2020, has been able to proactively and positively adapt in order to continue operations within the regulated constraints.

Shooting Community Initiative Initiatives that have been introduced throughout the year by an Individual, Club, State or National Association for the betterment and participative encouragement of the Shooting Community.

Inclusivity Initiative Initiatives that have been demonstrated throughout the year with an emphasis on inclusivity such as Junior, Female or Para engagement and involvement.

Most Memorable Moment A moment throughout the year that is memorable for an Individual including a competition win, a personal best, or a challenge that was overcome.

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Please contact the Shooting Australia Events Coordinator with any questions jane@shootingaustralia.org
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