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Recognition Programme 2022 powered by Xylem
The international Water Association is calling on applicants to apply to its Climate Smart Utilities Recognition Programme. This Programme aims to inspire utilities, their managements, and political principles to transition to become increasingly Climate Smart and embrace the cultural shift on three interconnected pillars:  

1. Adaptation: Resilience in the face of climate change is increased
2. Mitigation: GHG emissions are assessed and aim to be reduced
3. Leadership: you are a national, regional or international champion

This Recognition Programme builds on the vision endorsement (awareness step) to invite utilities who are already taking any kind of “climate smart” action to apply to be celebrated as utilities on the journey to becoming climate smart. The first Recognition Programme event, or “Climate Smart Utilities Celebration” will take place at the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition (WWCE), in Copenhagen, 12-15 September 2022.

Your application is an opportunity to self-reflect on your progression on the journey to becoming "Climate-Smart", articulating your utility actions against 3 to 4 components around each of the three pillars described in the guidance document with a text depicting an ideal Climate-Smart Utility.

Please submit your application and supporting documents via the form below, Or download the offline application form and return it to

For more information about the IWA Climate Smart Utilities Initiative and Recognition Programme, Please contact  Carlos Diaz at

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. IWA Membership no (If applicable)

Note: we recommend that all applying utilities become IWA members to facilitate future knowledge exchange. However, you may submit your application even if you have not finalized your membership. Please visit IWA Connect to learn the benefits of becoming an IWA member.

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* 3. Specify your utility type, tick the most appropriate

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* 4. IWA will provide travel support for one (1) person for utilities in emerging economies. Please indicate if you would need this support.

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* 5. The applicant should submit a 3-page narrative summarising their Vision and the key actions taken towards being a Climate Smart Utility, highlighting anything exceptional that is undertaken concerning the 3-pillar definition proposed by IWA:  

1. Adaptation: Essential services are delivered while reducing the risk of failure in the face of climate change threats 

2. Mitigation: GHG emissions are reduced 

3. Leadership: The utility is a local, national, and international leader 

See The Guidance Framework for the Application to guide the narrative submitted by the applicant utility. (NB: It is NOT MANDATORY to complete the annex of indicators but serves as a guide to support your narrative)

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* 6. Please upload relevant pictures with sources and any additional documents you want to share with the Jury

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* 7. Please provide the contact details of any of relevant persons to discuss technical content 

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* 8. Assessment Criteria

Submissions will reviewed within two (2) weeks after the submission deadline, by a jury based on the following criteria: 

1. The Application is sound (Yes/No)   
2. Sharing the application content will provide value to IWA members (Yes/No)   
3. The overall approach presented is ambitious – considering the utility context and current challenges (1 to 3) 
4. Some of the components presented are easily replicable for utilities facing a similar context and challenges (1 to 3) 
5. Some of the components presented are innovative (1 to 3) 

Utilities will be notified on July 15th if they will be recognized for their climate smart journey during the Recognition event in Copenhagen, 12-15 September 2022.

Those who applied for travel support to Copenhagen would be notified by 22 July 2022.

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