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Are you looking for something to do today? Your feedback will contribute to developing a vision that will ultimately help me help you....

The objective of this questionnaire is to gain insight into the methods you use to get information regarding leisure activities available in your city that are of interest to you.

Activities are referred to throughout the survey and refer to any sport, hobby, or other area of leisure interest.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your response is valuable to us and very much appreciated.

* 1. What type of activities are you interested in:

* 2. Do you currently participate in these activities?

* 3. Do you look for new or additional activities to get involved in?

* 4. What would make it easier to find information regarding these activities?

* 5. How often do you look for activities to occupy your leisure time?

* 6. Where do you look for information regarding the activities you currently participate in?

* 7. What is most difficult about planning your leisure time and activities? You may select more that one of the following options.

* 8. Are you currently a member of any online community? (social network, blog, newsgroups, etc.) You may select more than one of the following options.

* 9. Do you currently use an online calendar to plan your activities or do you use a manual method? You may select Online Calendar as well as Manual Method if applicable.

* 10. If you use an online calendar, please specify which one(s) you use. Otherwise, please proceed to question 11.

* 11. If a convenient and fast system existed that made is easier for you to find the information about activities relevant to you, would you be interested in using it?

* 12. Under what conditions would you use this system?

* 13. Age

* 14. Gender

* 15. Professional Status:

* 16. Would you be willing to be contacted further by telephone or via email to help us gain more in depth insight to better tailor our service to your needs? If yes, please specify your contact information.