1. HAA Self Assessment Survey

Hosted Accommodation Australia has developed quality standards to encourage the provision of satisfactory accommodation experiences for the travelling public.

Automatic approval of full membership of Hosted Accommodation Australia is granted to applicants whose businesses are accredited with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP) or rated 3 stars and above with Star Ratings Australia.

Other applicants for full membership are required to demonstrate that their business is compliant with HAA’s quality standards by completing this survey. Some questions in this survey will only be relevant to certain types of business, e.g. fully hosted bed and breakfast, self catering or fully self contained. Choose the most applicable answer and please use the ‘comments’ section if a detailed explanation is required.

All applicants are required to affirm that they will abide by HAA’s Code of Conduct. This requires the member to conduct their business at or above the standards that qualified it for membership.

If you have any queries in completing the survey, please contact the HAA office on 1300 664 707 or email admin@haalimited.com.au