2023 Architectural Education Foundation Scholarship Application
Deadline to apply: March 1, 2023

Please begin by looking through the available scholarships and their eligibility information by visiting aiacolorado.org/scholarships.

Next, complete your applicant information below and upload your application document according to the specifications directly to this online form.

Your entire application, including the specified documents, must be submitted via this form by 11:59 p.m. MST, on March 1, 2023.

Question Title

Thank you for applying for a scholarship from the Architectural Education Foundation. These scholarships are offered as opportunities to broaden your architectural horizons and grow as a professional to serve your community and clients. We wish you luck with this application and encourage you to grow in your craft and career.

Applications will be evaluated for completeness based on:
  1. Quality of overall proposal and framework. How well was the proposal researched and articulated, including all requested information? Does the proposed destination and project address relevant design issues?
  2. Feasibility and methodology. Is the proposed research/exploration and is the methodology thoughtful and appropriate? Is the project feasible in the allotted timeframe and budget, and is the location well aligned with the project proposal?
  3. Budget and analysis. Is the budget logical, detailed and justified?
  4. Post-scholarship deliverables (proposed). Is there a clear aim for how the project’s outcomes will be communicated and shared with others upon return?
  5. Qualifications, reference letters and project proposal: Does the application include three strong recommendation letters?Are qualifications for specific scholarship eligibility and the ability to carry out the proposed work clearly demonstrated?
To ensure that your application is competitive, be sure to include all requested elements.

Please note:  The spirit of these scholarships is to extend the opportunity to a variety of individuals over the years. Therefore, prior recipients of these professional development scholarships are less likely to receive a second scholarship.