Welcome to the Marketer's Blueprint for the Future Assessment. Marketing is rapidly becoming an intelligent, highly-optimized growth driver for your organization and this content will establish a blueprint for this future.

Taking the Marketer's Blueprint for the Future Assessment will directly help you better understand where your organization stands in pursuit of this future state. 
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes or so to complete.  Feel free to take your time and you can always come back to it.  Also share with your team to complete as well. Please note all survey responses will be treated in strict confidence, aggregated, and anonymized.

This assessment is broken in to three sections and nine topics. Within each  topic, you will be presented with 3-5 capabilities with a high-level definition. Based on your understanding of the capability, you will then be requested to answer four questions:

Market Perspective: How does this capability apply to the market you  participate in – please consider your sector, region and potential regulatory aspects?
  • Financial Impact: What is the potential of this capability to enhance market capture, accelerate revenue or reduce costs give the economics of your market?
  • Difficulty to Adopt: Considering the nature of both incumbents and upstarts, is this a capability that will find high resonance with organizations or do you anticipate resistance?

For Your Organization: How does this capability apply to your organization specifically – please consider dynamics across leadership, culture, governance, teams, partners and supporting infrastructure?
  • Maturity – what is the current status of your organization in this capability area, and how does that compare with the capability as defined?
  • Need – considering your organization’s pain points or prioritized opportunity areas, how well do you think this capability could help resolve challenges and accelerate success in those areas?
The outcome of the assessment will include insights from the marketing leaders participating in the assessment, comparative analysis of your position against benchmarks, and a high-level direction for accelerating your path towards the Marketer's Future Blueprint.

The future is here, let’s create it together.

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