Expression of Interest

Macquarie 2100 is establishing a small support network of like-minded farmers to explore biological farming techniques in the Narromine and Warren Shires.

Expression of Interest are being sought from farmers who are looking to:
  • Improve their knowledge and understanding of biological farming techniques
  • Be part of a small collaborative group learning experience
  • Receive support from farm consultants
  • Share experiences with the broader farming community
What is biological farming?

Biological farming is a very broad term that incorporates lots of different techniques that aim to improve soil health. Biological farming can include but is not limited to cover cropping, pasture cropping, companion planting, cell grazing, using legumes, applying compost and soil inoculants.

What is involved in the support group?

The biggest commitment to this support group, is your time and enthusiasm!

To be involved in this support group, you don’t have to be currently implementing biological farming techniques. All that is needed is a curiosity to improve your knowledge and understanding.

The support group will meet every 2-3 months across 2017. The first meeting will establish the overall direction of the support group and the farm consultants to be involved. The on-farm sessions will typically last between 2 – 4 hours including a farm walk and group discussion. The discussion will typically revolve around a particular biological farming technique being implemented either in the past, present or future on the host farm.

There will be two open fields across 2017 where a host farm will be open to the general farming community. The field day will be facilitated by an experienced consultant with the host farmer being actively involved in the group discussions

How do you get involved in the support group?

Please complete the form below. Applications close 16th November 2016.

If you are having trouble with this form, contact Helen Smith on 0457 887 770 or

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* 1. Please provide your contact information

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* 2. Which local council area are you located in?

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* 3. What are your main agricultural land-uses?

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* 4. What is your experience with biological farming techniques?

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* 5. If you are currently or have previously implemented biological farming techniques, what have you undertaken? Please list

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* 6. What would you like to see addressed or targeted within the support group? This could include addressing key challenges or exploring particular biological farming techniques etc

Thank you for your interest! We will let you know the outcome by the end of November.