1. Grant Description

The City of Lynn  through its Community Development Office has developed an emergency relief package for non-profits as a result of COVID-19 public safety measures.

This program is funded through the National CARES Act and Community Development Block Grant Program. 

 Funding is limited to non-profits that can demonstrate a need to:

 a. Carry out job training to expand the pool of health care workers and technicians that are available to treat disease within a community

b. Provide testing, diagnosis or other services at a fixed or mobile location

c. Increase the capacity and availability of targeted health services for infectious disease response within existing health facilities

d. Provide equipment, supplies, and materials necessary to carry-out a public service

e. Deliver meals on wheels to quarantined individuals or individuals that need to maintain social distancing due to medical vulnerabilities.

If you are interested, please fill out the application below.
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