At the time of the last update to the Lyme Plan of Conservation & Development in 2000, the Lyme Planning and Zoning Commission mailed survey questionnaires to all Lyme residents and property owners. Approximately 1400 questionnaires were distributed, and 420 were returned for tabulation by the response deadline. The 30 percent response was an excellent return for a mailed survey and shows the high level of interest in Lyme’s future among its people. This update uses an online survey which is expected to result an even higher response rate.

The results of this survey will be considered a strong indication of public attitudes and help identify those issues that concern Lyme’s people. Further, comparison to previous surveys will result in an understanding of how the thinking of Lyme residents is or is not changing.

The 2014 survey is divided into several parts. The first part is intended to find out the characteristics of those who responded. The second part asks about residential development and affordable housing. Next, the questionnaire asks about commercial and industrial development issues. Fourth, a section on natural resources is included. Open space and public facilities are addressed next. Finally, the survey form provides space for residents to write longer comments on a series of subjects. The responses will be tallied and be made available to the general public. Where a percentage is shown, it is based on the number of responses to that specific question.