Lunch at the Library grant funds are intended to support the enhancement and expansion of California’s 2020 library-based summer meal partnerships and programs. Lunch at the Library is a project of the California State Library, supported with funds from the State of California. Lunch at the Library was developed by the California Library Association and the California Summer Meal Coalition, with support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Pacific Library Partnership is administering the 2020 Lunch at the Library State funds.

We realize that you may still be working on your summer meal planning for summer 2020. Even if your summer meal site plans are tentative, or a plan to partner with a community meal site to offer pop-up library programming is tentative, please include and list these tentative meal sites and/or pop-up library partner sites and simply make a note of the tentative nature of your planning. You will have the opportunity to adjust your meal site and pop-up library site lists before funds are distributed.

We will work to divide these Lunch at the Library funds to maximize the benefit to as many library communities as possible statewide. (*We are unable to confirm exact funding amounts for program enhancement for existing sites, pop-up library programming, and youth development funds, until all requests for funds have been received.)

For your reference, the 2020 Lunch at the Library Application for State Grant Funds questions are available for review and download at

Please complete this survey by Friday, January 31st, 2020.

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* 3. Please let us know what type of funds you are applying for. (You may select multiple categories of funding.)