The Lhaq’temish Foundation, Tribally Charted Non-profit since 1997; the foundation and its board determined the mission statement: 

Nilh Xwenang Tse Schelangen Este Nexw Xwlemi (this is our way of life in Lummi) - a healthy, giving, and prosperous community to strengthen our people through cultural, social, and economic abundance. 
Dear Participant,

We are happy that you have chosen to bring your vision to life through our charitable organization. Giving and sharing is an important value to Lummi that we strive to honor through our work.  Through fiscal sponsorships, we extend this important opportunity to the community to preserve our Schelangen, build assets and  prosperity. We look forward supporting your vision by fiscally sponsoring your project.
This online intake form will allow us to serve you better. Please ensure you answer each question to the best of your ability. Information you provide will be used for our organizational records regarding your fiscal sponsorship with Lhaq'temish Foundation. With your permission, we will also use information about your project to update our website, Facebook page and informational brochures to attract support to your project.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Once the form is completed, we will review responses to ensure your project is a good fit with our organization.  If approved, we will work with you to establish a fiscal sponsorship agreement, and provide all necessary forms, documents and a handbook to help you better understand the process and services we provide. 

If you have any questions about this form or your participation, please contact the Lhaq'temish Foundation at (360) 312-2144. 


Lhaq'temish Foundation
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