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Loyal to the Soil is a local startup focused on bringing local product suppliers together with local retailers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Founded by locals Rachel Malloy and Jim Malloy, owners and founders of Bunky Boutique, Chris Nieto, founder of Merzproject Architects, and Alan Lobock, co-founder of SkyMall, Loyal to the Soil was selected by SEED SPOT as one of its 16 ventures, out of 191 ventures that applied for the incubator’s inaugural class.

Loyal to the Soil is a web-based platform connecting those designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling Arizona products with Arizona merchants retailing the products.
By facilitating and strengthening relationships between Arizona wholesalers and retailers, Loyal to the Soil will increase exposure for the talent of the Arizona design and manufacturing communities, save time and money for Arizona retailers, and strengthen the Arizona economy.

Since many of you could be our customers, we would like your insight and input to ensure that our service will fully meet your needs.

We sympathize with any survey fatigue you may be feeling at this time of year, but please, as fellow small businesspersons, take a moment to give us the benefit of your experience. At the very least, we'll repay you by building an outstanding service tailored to your needs!

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* What percentage of your products are designed, sourced, AND/OR manufactured in Arizona?

* How many Arizona manufactured products do you currently offer?

* Do you market your products as being Arizona or locally made?