This Plan will recommend land development, transportation, community facility, environmental and preservation actions for Lower Paxton over the next decade.  The Plan is being prepared under the direction of the Township’s Planning Commission and Staff.

The results of this survey will be posted on the Township website. Public meetings will be held in future months. Your responses to this survey will be used to help shape the Plan. Thank you for your cooperation.


* 1. Please check the top three types of businesses you would most like to see emphasized in new development in Lower Paxton Township.

* 2. Please check the top three types of new housing that you feel are most needed in Lower Paxton.

* 3. Please check the top three types of transportation improvements you believe are most needed in Lower Paxton Township.

* 4. Describe any road or transportation problem that you would like to see addressed.

* 5. Do you believe that additional parks and recreation improvements are needed?

* 6. If you answered yes above, please check which three types of parks and recreation improvements you believe should be provided in Lower Paxton?

* 7. What do you like most about Lower Paxton Township?

* 8. What do you like least about Lower Paxton Township? 

* 9. Please check all that apply.

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