The City of Lovington is undertaking a Downtown Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Master Plan that will focus on strategies to revitalize and enhance new and existing businesses in downtown, including public private partnerships to ensure Downtown Lovington remains vibrant and the center of economic activity for the community. Businesses are the heart of Downtown, and your input is crucial to developing a vision that will contribute to the future of success of the City of Lovington. Thank you for completing this survey!

* 1. Please provide your name, business, and address of your business.

* 2. How long have you been in business at your current location?

* 3. How many employees do you have?

* 4. Has your business experienced high turnover?

* 5. Has your business had a hard time finding employees?

* 6. What are the benefits of having a business located Downtown?

* 7. How do you market your business to Lovington residents and/or visitors?

* 8. Main Street is an important arterial that should be visually improved by the City.

* 9. Downtown Lovington is a fun place to visit, shop, and walk around.

* 10. How often do you currently visit these Downtown locations?

  Frequently (1 - 2 times or more per week) Occasionally (1 - 2 times per month) Rarely (1 - 2 times per year) Never
Government / Institutions
Retail Stores
Entertainment / Special Events
Art Galleries / Museums
Business Offices

* 11. What type of businesses or activities would you like to see added or expanded in Downtown?

* 12. How would you rate the following amenities in Downtown?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Visual Attractiveness
Benches, Trash Receptacles
Building Condition
Outdoor spaces

* 13. If your answer to any of the above is fair or poor, what would you suggest to improve it?

* 14. Should the City of Lovington encourage development of vacant or underutilized property in downtown?

* 15. How would you describe the business climate in Downtown Lovington?

* 16. Please provide your name and email contact information if you are interested in staying involved in the Downtown MRA Plan process.