About This Project
Welcome to the Los Altos Compete Streets Plan survey. “Complete streets” are roads designed for everyone to use: people walking, biking, rolling, scooting, and driving. Complete streets improve safety while being designed to fit the context and character of the community it is in.

The goal of the Los Altos Complete Streets Plan is to create a list of prioritized and community-supported projects that will support more people with the option to walk and bicycle in their community. This survey will help the City understand your transportation needs and plan future transportation projects.

Survey Instructions
Please fill out the form below so we can better understand the community preferences for bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs. While answering, please consider your experiences over the past years (in a normal environment, before shelter-in-place orders) unless otherwise specified. We understand that traffic volumes have been lower for the past few months as a result of shelter-in-place, and would like to capture your pre-pandemic experiences.

When you are done, please visit the online webmap to identify important destinations, challenging locations to walk or bicycle, and routes you would like to see improved. You can stay up to date on the Complete Streets Plan by visiting the project website at: bit.ly/LosAltosSRTSCS