This survey has two main purposes:

1.      To help set priorities for the Local Service Toolbox project. What should we work on first?

2.      To develop a list of members experienced in different aspects of local services that we can call on to participate in web meetings, share experience and ideas, and review drafts of materials. 

If you have ideas and experience in service about what tools we need to work on first, please take a minute to share that with us. The following can be completed by individual members or as a committee. All input is welcomed.  

Following are some ideas for resources that could be part of a local services toolbox. This list was taken from the service materials survey in the Conference Agenda Report plus suggestions we have received from members for tools. Please select the two you feel are most important to work on first. If we missed something that should be a priority, please let us know by filling in the “other” box.

You may want to remind yourself of the tools already available or available in draft form. There are links to handbooks, service pamphlets, and locally developed materials from this page: PR tools can be found here And there are draft tools produced for the Service System Project here