The Local Food Initiative Project is an initiative of a group of like-minded community organisations that have come together with the aim to build more resilient local food economies.

Extending from the South East Food Plan, the aim is to identify barriers to local food production and consumption in order to identify practical solutions for producers, retailers and consumers.

All information collected will be held in confidence and individuals will not be identified in collating survey information in any way. We will not be providing any individual information to any 'authority', all submissions are anonymous.

We will be presenting survey results publicly in mid 2014 with the view to addressing and resolving barriers identified by producers, consumers and the supply chain.

The project has been initiated by FuturePLANS (Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability) and is supported by SCPA - South East Producers, Southern NSW Harvest Association, SEE-Change, Permaculture eXchange and Canberra City Farm.

This survey is for local food producers of all types. We've tried to keep it short and to the point and it should only take a few minutes to complete.

* 1. How would you best describe your role as a food producer?

* 2. Which of the following items are you currently producing?

* 3. Which of the following items would you consider producing?

* 4. How do you currently sell your product?

  Never Sometimes Always N/A
Trade or swap (non monetary exchange)
Direct to consumers (via Farmers Market)
Direct to consumers (via a box scheme)
Direct to consumers (from farm-gate)
Direct to consumers (online)
Through specialty wholesalers
Through an aggregator wholesaler
Direct to restaurant
Direct to retail
As part of a co-op
At wholesale markets (e.g. livestock or fruit/veg markets)

* 5. How often do you supply?

* 6. What percentage of the food you produce do you supply for local consumption (within 160 km radius)?

* 7. Which of the following best describes your production levels?

* 8. Which of the following production methods do you use?

* 9. What, if anything, stops you supplying produce for local consumption?

* 10. Thinking about supplying. What is your preferred distribution method?

  Would not consider Low preference Satisfactory Preferred option
Swapping with other producers (at a regular market)
Online (pickup on farm)
Online (you deliver)
Online (central delivery/collection)
Local retail shop
Central delivery point for a box scheme
Local Farmers Market
City Farmers Market (e.g. Canberra, Sydney)
Farm Gate

* 11. Would you be prepared to pay a levy to be part of a local farmers' co-op/not-for-profit (for marketing/administration costs?)

* 12. Which of the following would assist you to grow your business to supply food locally?

  Not very helpful Somewhat helpful Helpful Very helpful
Advice/education about marketing my produce
Establishing contacts with local retailers and customers
Advice/education about growing food organically/sustainably
Being part of a region-based marketing brand
Being part of a regional producers group

* 13. If you were to supply through a local co-operative would you be prepared to agree to a quality standard or growers agreement?

* 14. What do you see as the main barriers to local food production and consumption?

* 15. What should we do to build more resilient local food economies?

* 16. To assist us in identifying local food clusters, please indicate the postcode you produce in.

* 17. Let us know your name and email address if you'd like to be kept further informed about our Local Food Initiative project. If you prefer not to put your contact details here but would like to be kept informed please email us at with Local Food Initiative in the subject line.