Thank you for taking part in this survey.

The aim of the survey is to try and gauge the economic value of the Coronation Wreck Diver Trail and associated Coronation Wreck Project to the local economy of Plymouth. The reason for the survey is to demonstrate that opening up important underwater heritage sites such as the Coronation to the public can have a positive impact on both the local economy of an area around the site, but also to gauge the impact on your views of your underwater heritage.

Your contribution to the survey is vitally important and hopefully the resulting information can be used to promote the benefit of similar projects on other historic wrecks around the country.

Please do try and answer every question to the best of your ability. Some questions will require a monetary figure to be provided about how much you spent during your visit(s) to the Coronation so you may want to have this information to hand before starting the survey.

The survey consists of only 20 questions and should take around 10 minutes to complete (if you have already calculated or can estimate how much you spent during your visit(s) to the Plymouth area).
Many thanks for taking part.

The Nautical Archaeology Society & The Coronation Wreck Team & English Heritage