Thanks for taking the time to tell us your opinion!

We have held several meetings all around our jurisdiction to solicit information and discussion from members of IBEW Local 48 on the subject of priorities for upcoming inside collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations. Over the course of these meetings, we gathered well over 100 ideas for issues to negotiate for and further pared that list down to what you are about to see.

The list of topics is still too long and, while we don't want to limit ourselves to a specific number of items, we do want to figure out which topics are most important to the majority of members working under this CBA. When we get the results of this survey, we hope to have 12 to 15 items that we can confidently take to the bargaining table.

Please take your time and give thought to each issue. Also, please make sure to complete the survey as incomplete results are not nearly as useful. You will be given an opportunity to address any issues you think we missed at the end of the survey.

The issues that you see in this survey are not meant to be a comprehensive list of the tools negotiators will use at the table. Issues have also come up in Labor-Management meetings and in other scenarios outside of the pre-negotiation preparation process. Those issues will also appear in surveys and at the table. However, the priorities that this survey reveals will serve as a basis of power during negotiations and help the negotiating team to produce the best results.

Thanks again for your participation. 

Please take your time and read the whole survey. Thoughtful and complete responses will lead to better understanding of our priorities.