Using Experiential Technology for Learning to Discover the Questions and Potential Answers

Who: Anyone that wants to practice a system of caring for and with your family and community by having a pretend "What if our community is out of electricity and money" drill or...

Everyone that is open to being a leader-learner-teacher-volunteer using the simple Wellness Weavers Bee Attitudes, can pretend that they are a member of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative for free during these membership benefit-shaping collaborative events.  

What: A series of one-hour interactive webinars with activities and games that use the present STAR power of the Skills, Talents, Attitudes, and Resources of the diverse participants blended with applied and therapeutic humor and fun of the facilitators.  

Using familiar techniques and simple rules, we will stimulate communication, cooperation, collaboration, and innovation on issues facing families, businesses... and the future and quality of our daily lives. 

When: This is an opportunity to pretend and to plan what might happen when your community has to cope with a disaster.  These events are scheduled when we have a group of diverse people and a facilitator with dates and times that match.  (Indicate the best times and dates you might be available.)

Where: Our Cisco WebEx Enterprise Event Center is how we can connect to you via your event technology or your personal email.   That is why we humorously refer to it as our "Green STAR Ship Enterprise".

We can broadcast what is going on within a Wellness Weavers' facility or merely operate behind the scenes to bring virtual participants to your event.

How: Complete the contact information form to receive the email link for the way to participate.  Our "Mother Ship" pilot calls it "beaming aboard".

Why:  It is best to learn and practice the skills when the stress levels are low and people are not desperate or hungry.   

This mission is in support of all tax-payers and businesses that pay health insurance premiums and those that cannot afford to.   It also has a mechanism in place to help those that did not earn Social Security benefits because they were stay-at-home care-givers, military reservists, or in the Civilian Public Service (Peace Troopers).

The mission is to help city councils, county commissioners, and school boards understand how to work collaboratively with the the US public school & health departments to raise and educate productive citizens with healthy communication and collaborative innovation skills.

This is the next phase in the development of the Wellness Weavers WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network Pilot Project. 

Kansas is the epicenter of this community-based and family-centered research project centered around community spirit, ability to work between all factions, with respect for the diversity of faiths as a way to empower and facilitate kindness and inner peace of all citizens.

It is also the only place that nurse founder Helen Stucky (Risdon, RN-retired) Weaver was able to divert and stretch her flying fund into historic buildings with gardens for the Community Service-Learning projects and events where the Wellness Weavers Bee Attitudes would be the adopted rules to live by. 

This provides internet access, spaces to hold the archives of health and wellness resources, the costumes and props...and places to create, recreate, and accommodate all the adopted, blended family members' needs, healthy wants, and wishes for quality of life to be well.

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* 1. I want to commit to helping with the one-hour interactive collaborative innovation sessions.  Check as many options as applicable.

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* 2. I am interested in the concept of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities to help everyone have more efficient use of tax dollars and resources.  

When you donate your hour, an hour of Time Credit goes into your personal Time Bank, if you have opened a Time Bank account that interfaces with the Wellness Weavers Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative.   

Your accumulating Time Credits can be then used for classes and events in the Green Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network system that links all Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities.

I will check the scheduling boxes below for days and times that fit best in my schedule.

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* 3. Indicate the best online meeting times for you and your time zone.

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Noon Hour
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Night shift (11 PM-06 AM)

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* 4. Please indicate your Time Zone

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* 5. Complete your contact info to get into the communication loop.  Your information will not be shared or sold to anyone!

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* 6. What forms of communication do you prefer for future communication regarding this mission?

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* 7. I understand the content of this survey and verify that I am of legal age and can give my own informed consent to be involved in this process.

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* 8. Please use the number of stars to rate your level of interest in "weaving" a path to a better future in your personal and professional life.

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* 9. I verify my minor child, or the person for whom I am a court appointed Guardian, has my consent to participate in this project.  I further verify that it is my responsibility to monitor their activities and safety. By filling out the contact information I give my consent and understand that it is recommended that I also register for my own involvement.