Using Experiential Learning to Discover the Questions and Answers

Who: Anyone that wants to practice caring for your family and neighbors and having a "pretend we are out of electricity every where except the Community Center" drill.  Everyone that is open to being a learner-teacher-volunteer with the simple Wellness Weavers Bee Attitudes, can try on being in the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative for free today!  

What: The Game of Life-a-Thon is an intergeneration series of activities and games that use humor and fun to stimulate cooperation, collaboration, and innovation on real health and wellness issues facing families, businesses... and the future of their lives and communities.

When: Friday, February 23 between 1 PM and out by midnight...arrive when you can stay and play for at least one hour.   This is a community disaster preparedness event to practice seeing how long it takes us to get organized in the Game of Life.  We will all help being the TimeKeepers to help us stay on task so new games will start when interests wanes or it is the top of the hour.    From 4-5 PM Dr. Edgar Cahn (a lawyer who is "the father of Time Banking" will be guiding us through the Community Weaver software that TimeBankUSA uses.  (I am excited to finally have a way to compare how it compares with the databases for Emergency Preparedness and documenting volunteers that was part of my Ks Core Public Health Course in 2009 to match Volunteers to the Community Needs, Wants, and Wishes database.) 

Where: There will be a web-based ("green") way to participate in the live event that will be going on at the ADA-accessible Waterville Community Center on the corner of Commercial and Kansas Avenue in Waterville, Kansas (so you can forward this to anyone that is not feeling well or you can give them a surprise virtual trip to the party is they have moved away.

How: Complete this registration form and drop in via the link that will arrive in your email for the virtual pass or show up to see what teams are forming based on the needs, wants and wishes of the group in attendance. That is if a technology team that can use Survey Monkey shows up to help monitor the registrations.  Yes, there are many roles to play in the Game-of-Life...what gets done depends on the willing workers that love showing and growing their STAR power!

Why:  It is best to practice to learn skills when the stress levels are low and people are not desperate or hungry.    This is the next phase of the Wellness Weavers WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network, Pilot Project mission to help the US public schools, public health departments expand their wellness support to all tax payers and consumers in their local communities with gaps woven to the missing services via web-based components. This is in support of all businesses that pay employee health insurance premiums and those that cannot.    

Waterville did not even realize that they were the epicenter of this research project centered around community spirit and the test of the School and Church Wellness Policies.  It is so great that now all school levels have started to use the Social Emotional Character Development and the gaps are closing between how people talk and treat each other and how they help care for themselves and each other!  

This system can also support the private pay clients of medical practices and volunteer Disciples of Christ that have been told to take care of their body-mind-and spirit and appreciate a safe base environment that is not tempting them to make poor choices.

* 1. I want to commit to helping with the February 23, 2018 Game of Life-a-Thon!

* 2. The February 23, 2018 date does not work for me.  

However, I am interested in the concept of the Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities that help everyone have more efficient use of tax dollars and resources and become engaged in solving the issues that government and tax payers have been stewing about for years.  

Time Banking is an interesting concept to give volunteers equal access to resources and trainings and match individual's and team's STAR power of Skills, Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resources to projects within a network of Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Communities. 

I will check the scheduling boxes so I can get onboard to collaborate another date that works better for me and others.

* 3. Complete your contact info to get into the communication loop.  Your information will not be shared or sold to anyone else!

* 4. What forms of social media do you feel are more effective in communicating with you and reaching the networks that would be so happy to be connected with this mission.

* 5. I understand the content of this survey and verify that I am of legal age and can give my own informed consent to be involved in this process.

* 6. Please use the number of stars to rate your excitement for this way to "weave" a path to a better future in your personal and professional life.

* 7. I verify my son, daughter or the person that I am a court appointed Guardian for has my consent to participate in this project.  I further verify that it is my responsibility to monitor their activities and safety. By filling out the contact information I give my consent and understand that it is recommended that I also register for my own involvement.