Every year, Rock Lititz offers Lancaster County high school students a unique look behind the scenes of the live event industry. With professionals specializing in design, manufacturing, engineering, audio, video, lighting, automation, project management, and more, students are given a personalized look at how events are made. From concerts to conferences, experiential marketing to theatre, live events offers a vibrant, creative, hands on career for fast-paced, problem-solving students. 

Join us this May 2021 one of a kind Live Event Career Exploration with Rock Lititz to learn more 🌟 
We will be provide virtual content to high schoolers during the week of May 10. Including TWO HOURS of flexible content and associated informational worksheets. There will also be a LIVE Q+A session offered to connect with real industry professionals. 
Teachers are encouraged to sign up full classes, or any driven individual students are welcome to sign up independently.
Content will be emailed to all registered on Friday, May 7. 
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