The City’s roadmap to a livable, resilient, and sustainable future for everyone.

The City of Nashua is creating a Livable Nashua Plan and needs your input. To meet the long-term goals of the City’s Imagine Nashua Master Plan, Livable Nashua will define the short-term actions that the City will take to meet the challenges of climate change head-on and create a thriving community.
Your feedback will help to shape the Plan’s goals, strategies, and actions to best reflect the needs of our community. You will answer questions in five different areas:
  • Health, Safety, and Resilience
  • Energy and Buildings
  • Waste and Water 
  • Transportation and Land Use 
  • Optional Demographic Questions
All questions are multiple choice, and you will have the ability to provide additional written comments. This survey should about 10 minutes to complete.
17% of survey complete.