Hello, Aaaniin, Boozhoo, Tân’si, Shé:kon, Wha Chii Ya, Kwe kwe, Kuei, Ainngai, Tanshi, Bonjour

Thank you for your interest in Listen Up: A Journey of Hearing & Acting on Youth Voices in-person gathering. Those who apply and are accepted will take part in a program designed and facilitated by Three Things Consulting for Indigenous Pathways students who are graduating in 2022, to have space to share their input regarding their experiences with the Pathways to Education Program. You will help strengthen the program for others.  It matters.  So do you.
Rooted in ceremony, culture, consensus, and connection to others, this unique opportunity will be led by trained facilitators, Elders and youth work professionals who will provide 24/7 support to you.  The design of this gathering will allow you to make connections with others by using creative tools to share your stories (art, music, etc.) and time for socializing with the other young people. 
This gathering is taking place on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabe territory, in what is now called Ottawa with 20 other Indigenous graduates who are part of the class of 2022. (Fun fact: it’s an Indigenous Pathways graduate from the class of 2016 who helped create this application!)
Travel, meals, and accommodations will be arranged and paid for by Three Things Consulting who is hosting this gathering and will be the primary contact for those selected. We are grateful for the long relationships we have with Pathways Canada and many Pathways Programs across the country that’s allowing this to take place!
If you are interested in coming to Ottawa in June, please fill out this application and send it in as soon as possible!
If selected, you will be encouraged to share openly and participate in all group activities.  Youth will unite in learning and knowledge sharing to tackle the day-to-day issues in education and share ideas and recommendations, from a student’s lens, that we will bring back to Pathways Canada. So, expect long (but fun) days, and the development of powerful relationships and shared experiences.
Please email us at youmatter@3things.ca or call/text Saimaniq Temela at 613-539-6288 if you have any questions. We will be responding to emails generally within 24 hours.

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