The Mayor's “Let’s Talk” forum on November 18th, 2010 addressed the challenges facing our small business community and ways the City can help to improve conditions. The event contained three separate segments: A staff presentation of the results of the small business survey; a discussion between the Mayor and three small business owners; and, a question and answer period from members of the audience. By answering the following questions you will help us assess the value of this event and plan future events.

* 1. Please indicate whether you felt the length of time spent overall and for each segment was too short, too long or just about right:

  Too Short Too Long Just About Right
a) Overall, the event was:
b) The segment presenting the survey results was:
c) The Mayor’s discussion with three small business owners was:
d) The segment for "Questions & Answers" from the audience was:

* 2. Please indicate whether you felt the discussion was too narrow, too broad or appropriately focused on the issues facing small businesses:

* 3. Please provide any comments or suggestions to improve the “Let’s Talk” program or for future topics: