Linen Blocks on Grove Street - Visioning Survey 

The Linen Blocks on Grove Street are home to an eclectic mix of shops, eateries, industries, and activities. The area has thrived under lower rents, proximity to downtown and nearby neighborhoods, and the endemic entrepreneurial and creative investments of its inhabitants. The intent of CCDC’s Placemaking and Reinvestment Strategy effort is to create a collaborative vision for the area that includes specific design recommendations and investment actions aimed at protecting and preserving important features and characters while transforming aspects of the area where catalytic change is needed. A successful effort relies on engagement and support from the public through efforts like this survey.

Project Area
The project area is located within two of CCDC’s urban renewal districts, Westside and River-Myrtle/ Old Boise. The Linen Blocks on Grove Street Project will look at eight city blocks along the west end of Grove Street, adjacent to Boise’s downtown core, with focus given to Grove Street itself between 10th and 16th Streets. The area also offers critical linkages to increase mobility throughout downtown, attract more economic activity, and provide needed infrastructure such as gathering spaces, parking, retail and housing. Creating a collaborative, community-supported vision for the area will drive the overall placemaking and reinvestment strategy, helping kick-off a modern-day transformation of the Linen Blocks on Grove Street.

The survey is 14 questions long and should take between 10-15 minutes to complete.