* 1. What is your current title?

* 2. What department are you a part of/work in/assigned to within the hospital?

* 3. What is your decision making authority?

* 4. What is the title of the person you report to? (select closest answer)

* 5. How long have you been in your current position?

* 6. What type of training, greater than 30 minutes, has been offered or provided to you as a part of you position? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)

* 7. Who provides the majority of your training specific to linen management?

* 8. Describe your employment situation

* 9. During a typical day, do you spend time on other tasks, not at all related to linen management?

* 10. Who performs/is responsible for these tasks related to linen services? (check all that apply in each row)

  Technician Supervisor Manager Dept. Director Non-Linen Dept. Unknown
Collect soiled linen
Distributing clean linen
Building linen carts
Address request for extra textiles
Reconcile linen billing
Evaluates & selects hospital textiles
Completes a usage study (utilization, misuse, etc.)
Address customer concerns
Resolve processing issues
Attends committees representing linen srvs.
Develop linen policies (alone/collaborative)
Budget/financial review/adjustments
Inspects laundry
Performs a linen inventory
Linen benchmarks
Adjust linen distribution methods
Develop/negotiate linen contract
Laundry/linen services contract performance issues
Resolves lost linen issues
Insures linen is rotated FIFO.
Reduce linen/laundry costs
Monitors infection prevention issues
Linen regulatory compliance