Since its inception in 1972, the purpose of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) New England Chapter has been to provide academic and research librarians opportunities for professional growth by conducting programs and conferences across the six New England states as well as to create a network of colleagues for consultation and collaboration to:
• encourage the exchange of ideas and information relating to library developments
• disseminate educational information oriented to academic and research libraries
• support and participate in programs of other regional and local organizations in New England when appropriate
in order to promote and improve library service to the academic research community.

The current Board has formed a task force to investigate how the chapter might better involve and meet the needs of three specific librarian populations: paraprofessionals in academic libraries, community college librarians, and library school students. Initially to assess the needs of these constituents, the Board is administering surveys to these groups soliciting information about how ACRL-NEC might better serve them. Your participation in completing this survey would be greatly appreciated.

* 1. Which state do you live in?

* 2. Which state do you work in?

* 3. What area of library services do you work in?

* 4. Do you belong to any library organizations at present? (Check all that apply)

* 5. If you do not presently belong to a library association at this time, why not?

* 6. Have you attended any programs organized by a library association?

* 7. If you haven't attended any programs sponsored by a library association, why not?

* 8. Have you used any services provided by a library association?

* 9. If you have not utilized any services provided by a library association, why not?

* 10. Are there specific duties/skills in your position for which you would like professional development opportunities?

* 11. Are there interpersonal skills for which you would like professional development opportunities?

* 12. In what ways might ACRL-NEC tailor its offerings to better suit the needs of academic library paraprofessionals and support staff?

* 13. At this time, ACRL-NEC has 7 different special interest groups (ASIG, CDIG, ERMIG, ITIG, NELIG, SCIG, WSIG). Would it be beneficial to have a special interest group of ACRL-NEC dedicated to academic library paraprofessionals? (Ex. LPIG = Library Paraprofessionals Interest Group)

* 14. What could a professional library association do or offer that would entice you to get involved?