Thank you for taking part in this survey.

I am researching librarians who have moved out of the library space without undertaking further study – that is they have built a new career based on their library skills and knowledge. This includes those who have moved to new organisations, new positions within their organisation and those who have moved out of libraries and have also returned to working in libraries after undertaking other roles. It may be you have moved to records management, knowledge management, project management or a position which on first impression looks like it is not even related in any way to information management. It may even be that your ‘library’ no longer resembles a ‘library’ as such.

The research will be in two parts:

* first an online survey to gather the demographics – this data will be aggregated so I get a general profile of the group being interviewed in part 2. I do not intend to identify individuals unless they are happy for me to do so;

* second will be one on one interviews to gather the narrative (or individual stories) about your key skills, knowledge and attributes which made your library training valuable outside libraries. This will include how you have made the move and what parts of your library/information management skills and knowledge have been most valuable in achieving the move. Interviews will be achieved via Skype (if possible) to keep costs down.

I intend to publish the results of this piece of research late in 2012 or early 2013. This survey will close on the 30th of August 2012 and I will begin the interviews in September 2012.

If you know others who fit in to this category please feel free to forward the survey to them.

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