1. Please fill out for each instruction session

* 2. Date of session


* 3. Course number, name of presentation or group addressed (e.g. ENGL 1050, AYTP, RefWorks Workshop, Orientation Leaders, Portage Central High School)

* 4. Instructor name (last name, first name)

* 5. Length of session in MINUTES (do not add the word "minutes")

* 6. Was this a part of multiple sessions for the same section of a class? (Please fill out this form for each session, unless it is a semester long class)

* 7. Number of participants (if ONE or TWO, do not list here, but in LibStats as a reference transaction)

* 8. Status of participants (check all that apply)

* 9. Session type

* 10. Location

* 11. If it was an undergraduate course, does that course fulfill a requirement for any of the following? Check all that apply.

Search the course prefix and code (ENGL 10505, for example) in the Undergraduate Catalog to see if the course fulfills any of the requirements below. http://www.wmich.edu/registrar/catalogs/

For example, when I search, ENGL 1050, I find the course description and in the notes it says
"This course satisfies General Education Proficiency 1: college-level writing course."

* 12. Notes - Any additional comments or explanations.