* 1. Let us know your thoughts on possible feature upgrades by responding to the following:

  Agree Disagree Unsure
CHAT - I would like to turn chat off/on by player instead of globally.
CHAT - I would like predefined messages (well played, I'm away, etc).
5 DAY TURN LIMIT - I would like to disable this for select matches.
FACEBOOK - I would like my Facebook account as my player name and be able to invite my Facebook friends.
LEGACY DICTIONARY - Get rid of all words not in the official Merriam Webster dictionary.

* 2. STATS/LEADERBOARDS - Please provide any suggestions for additional tracking and ranking.

* 3. Please suggest any additional features for development consideration or any other feedback. Note, please use this form (http://www.letterpressapp.com/contact-us.html) to contact us with any support issues.