Lent Township is updating its Comprehensive Plan, which sets a vision for the future that guides decisions related to land use and growth management, housing, transportation, natural resources, recreation and economic development in the Township. 

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* 1. Based on the recent community mail-in survey, there is interest in increasing the recreation opportunities within the Township. Typically, new recreation opportunities like parks and trails are funded by a community's General Fund (your taxes), or through Park Fees (paid by developer) as part of new development. With this information, what type of funding options do you support for providing more recreation?

General Fund only Combination of both Park Fees only
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 2. Please indicate what recreation opportunities the Township should consider by CHECKING ALL boxes below that you would be interested in.

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* 3. Space to leave any additional feedback about recreation opportunities in Lent Township.

Thanks for your input! There will be one more survey opportunity to comment on land uses in the Township. Please check the Lent Township Facebook page for updates.
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