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What's it about and why take part in this survey?

Understanding who we are, how we feel and what challenges we face is the first step in creating a professionalised, mature, safe and high-performance industry. Each of us experiences life at work differently so ensuring that all voices are heard, included, and understood is critical.

Look at this survey as an opportunity to share your valuable input based on your experience so far and be part of leaving our industry better than we found it!

All responses are anonymous, confidential and voluntary. While the purpose of this survey is to understand our industry’s workforce and identify challenges within the talent pipeline, we will not ask you for any identifying information such as your name, contact details or names of companies etc.

That also means that should you like to receive a copy of the Legasea Shore-Side Report, you will need to subscribe. At the end of the survey, you will be invited to subscribe to the Legasea newsletter through a link which is where the report will be published.
How your answers will be used?

Your answers will be used to gain quantitative and qualitative insights into the Superyacht industry's workforce. Specifically, we are interested in aspects such as diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
Your answers will be collated with all other responses and published in a way that no single respondent's answers will be identifiable.
Will your individual answers be shared?

Never. Even if we wanted to we are not collecting any personal information that would make you identifiable. This survey is 100% anonymous and confidential.

Want to change your answers?

No worries, you can update your answers anytime within the survey collection date range as long as it's from the same device you originally used.
Got a question?

We would love to hear it, you can reach us directly at:

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Remember, we will not ask you for any information that would make you identifiable, this survey is 100% anonymous. 

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