* 1. What are your 3 favorite places to shop?   
Other _______________

* 2. The store will have some each of organics, local and natural food items.  What we want to know is what you want the most.  Please rank these options with 1 as your top choice and 3 for your lowest preference.

* 3. What are you most missing when it comes to your current shopping experience or options?

* 4. Below are all ideas being floated for this new store.  From them, please select your top 5 wish list items.

* 5. If all of your Top 5 wish list features were present, how often do you imagine going to the store?

* 6. What would you need to make this neighborhood store a place where you regularly shop for core items important to you?

* 7. Below are some names being consider for the store.  Please rank these with 1 as your preferred choice and 4 as least favorite.

* 8. How do you hope this store will make your life better?   

* 9. Which neighborhood do you live in?

If unsure or live outside of NW Denver, please provide your zip code _____

* 10. What is your age?

* 11. What is the total number of people living in your household?

* 12. Of the total number of people living in your household, how many of them are 18 years of age or older?

* 13. What is your total household income?

* 14. If you would like to receive an e-gift card to the store when it opens later in 2018, please provide your cell or email address.