Thank you for taking the time to provide input regarding the concerns and issues that you would like to be addressed in the Leech Lake One Watershed, One Plan.  This plan will provide local governments, state agencies, and the public with a clear plan for implementing programs, policies, and projects intended to ensure that the Leech Lake River watershed continues to be as pristine for future generations as it is today. 
We are requesting your input on 4 categories of issues and concerns:
  1. The Natural World, such as lakes, forest and habitat
  2. Quality of Life, such as public space, historical resources, sense of community
  3. Climate and Risk, such as invasive species, changing weather patterns, flooding
  4. Leadership and Community Assets, such as collaborative teamwork, stakeholder involvement, infrastructure
You have the opportunity to provide up to 5 responses for each of the 4 categories.  You may have noticed that there are 117 questions - don't let that scare you!  That's only if you choose to provide the maximum amount responses (5 responses for each of the 4 categories). You have the option to move to the next category after entering just 1 concern in each category. 

Finally, at the end of this input form, you will have the opportunity to provide contact information if you wish to receive periodic updates on this project.  

If you have any questions about this project or this survey please contact:
Julie Blackburn, RESPEC