* 1. This survey is a registration for for our study of video games and learning. The games we are testing are about biology, but anyone interested in teaching technology development, art and design, or controlled experimentation to their students is welcome to participate. After the evaluation is finished, Melanie Stegman, at FAS Learning Technologies (FasLearningTech.org) would be happy to discuss biology, technology development or experimental design with you and your students. Teachers will receive an honorarium for ech class of students they lead through the evaluation.

For now, however, we need to get you and your students registered.

Are you a teacher?

If you are not a teacher but you have questions about our video games, please contact Melanie Stegman by email at Melanie.Stegman at gmail.com. You can find our games and many more games at The ScienceGameCenter.org.

* 2. To participate in our controlled evaluation, you will need at least 20 computers and 20 students. (You can participate with more than one class, but each class must be at least 20 students). The evaluation will require 1 class period in week one and 2 class periods in week 2. All students in each class must participate as a class. (If for example, you only have 10 computers, you cannot have 10 students play at a time. Additionally, a student who misses one of the sessions cannot be counted in the results.)

Can you meet this requirement? (If no, we can still send your the games to play in your classroom. We just can't give you a honorarium for your participation.)

* 3. Are you in the United States? If you are not, contact Melanie Stegman, Ph.D. at Melanie.stegman at gmail.com. We can still share our games with you!

* 4. How old are your students? Check all that apply.

* 5. What is the name (Biology, Technical Drawing, Algebra, etc) and level (AP, General, College Prep, ) of the classes you would like to evaluate theses game with?

Name Level