Introduction to Learning Approaches

Before we begin the program, we would like to get a better idea of the ways you approach learning, your interests, and your skills in studying, writing, and participating in group work. We want to both support you in your strengths AND help you extend your boundaries and challenge your comfort zones. Please respond honestly to each of the following items by selecting the choice that best represents you, or by providing short responses. If none of the multiple response choices is adequate, please enter your own response in the space for Other Response. There are no right or wrong answers!

The last question on this survey is an essay question. You may want to look at it first.

Please note:
Evergreen provides a variety of services to support student learning. These include: counseling services, services for students with diagnosed learning needs, advising and career counseling services, support for students who are the first generation of their family to attend college, gender and sexual orientation support groups, support for students of color, religious support groups, and a variety of sports and social activities.

IF YOU HAVE A DIAGNOSED LEARNING DISABILITY or any physical, mental, or emotional condition that affects your schooling AND you intend to request accommodations provided for under ADA, you MUST contact Meredith Inocencio in Access Services [360-867-6000 ext. 6364] and work with her to develop an accommodation plan.