MassBio’s Economic Development Advisory Group (EDAG) established the MassBio Leading Impact Award to annually recognize significant contributions made by individuals and organizations that enhance Massachusetts as a setting that supports the advancement of the biotechnology and life sciences industries. The industry is supported by innovators within the industry and in the arena of property development and local, regional, and state economic development. The Leading Impact Award seeks to recognize those innovators who help advance the industry in these areas.

Award Nominees

Leading Impact awardees will be those individuals and organizations that have successfully worked to improve the competitiveness of Massachusetts as a destination for the life sciences industry. Examples of potential honorees include municipal governments that have removed barriers to entry for life science facility projects, organizations which have advanced industry growth through unique civic engagement, developers which have created new settings that have accelerated industry growth, or individuals whose exemplary actions over time or on specific projects have contributed to the physical growth of the industry in the Commonwealth.

The 2016 Leading Impact Award winner was Novartis, recognized for being the first traditional big pharma to to establish significant operations here beginning in 2002 and continuing to grow to where they now employ more than 2,500 people, making them the third largest life sciences employers in the state.   


Nominations for the 2017 Leading Impact Award must be submitted by noon on Friday, March 10. Awardee(s) will be officially recognized at the MassBio Annual Meeting, March 30-31, 2017.


Submitting a nomination is EASY. Simply answer the questions that follow. If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Steele, MassBio's Director of Economic Development & Global Affairs, at

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How has the nominee (individual or organization) made Massachusetts a better place for the life sciences?

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* 8. In what way did the nominee set a new standard, break "new ground" or overcome a significant obstacle in becoming an asset to the Massachusetts life sciences cluster? How has has the nominee cut a new path for others to follow in the industry and/or in Massachusetts?