Leadership Development Strategy Audit

This Audit enables you to take stock of leadership development in your organisation and identify opportunities to increase its strategic effectiveness.

It comprises 41 statements referring to the alignment, consistency and clarity of leadership development in your organisation.

The statements are grouped into nine sections:
• Strategic Purpose
• Leadership Strategy
• Sponsorship
• Organisation Structure
• Planning
• Roles & Objectives
• Selection & Assignment
• Training & Development
• Assessment

For each statement there are five response options, ranging either from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree” or from “Always” to “Never”.

Simply tick the option that most closely matches your opinion.

Once you have completed the Audit press “Send”. We will analyse your responses and send you a Trial Audit report. The report will highlight relative strengths and weaknesses and indentify opportunities for improvement of your leadership development.

If you have a query about this Audit please contact Gordon Watt (gordon.watt@leadaculture.co.uk)

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