From the board room to the facility floor, today's business leadership requires empowering and engaging all team members to solve problems and drive value. This involves understanding and focusing on the power of people.
We invite you to evaluate your own leadership maturity level by rating yourself on 40 statements based on your current, self-assessed condition. The assessment categories include:

  • Leading by Advocating Lean Thinking and Mitigating Resistance
  • Leading with Respect for People (No Blame)
  • Leading as Student and Teacher 
  • Leading by Principles and Purpose
  • Leading with Lean vs. Traditional Leadership
  • Leading Using Inquiry vs. Advocacy 
  • Leading by Building Teams
  • Leading with Effective Measurement Systems
  • Leading with Process and Value Stream Thinking
  • Leading with Visual Management and “Go See” Leadership
  • Leading the Vision – Focus, Alignment and Constancy of Purpose
  • Leading with Effective Time Management – Leader Standard Work 
  • Leading by Reflection

Upon completion, you will receive a total score and feedback.

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