Thank you for sharing your viewpoint on how you, as a leader, get the job done

* 1. As a leader, what tactics or techniques do you use to make sure your team:  gets their job completed,  accomplishes company objectives, or meets deadlines as required? 

* 2. In what 3-5 areas have you had the biggest challenges in "getting the job done" as a leader

* 3. Could you share an example of your "biggest challenges" listed in Q2 above? 

* 4. I am looking for 3-5 individuals that would be willing to share their story on how they've accomplished "getting it done" as a leader OR dealt with challenges on getting it done - to help others improve their own leadership skills.

Your story would be highlighted in an upcoming article. Would you be interested in sharing your story? If you are interested in helping others and "sending the elevator back down, please leave your information here. (your email will not be shared!)