Welcome! We are excited that you are interested in becoming an Art Feeds Lead Educator. Please answer all questions honestly.

As an applicant for a Lead Educator position, you will be asked to be the Lead Educator of our Educator team with 2-5 team members in the classroom. This requires one school day a week from 8:00 am-3:00 pm (half days available at some schools) for the duration of the school year. Art Feeds requires a background check and training in Art Feeds programs before entering the classroom with students.
Educators must be:
+Dependable. Our programs are consistent and on a weekly basis, we must have a Lead Educator that is committed to leading the team every week with little to no absences.
+Experience in classroom management. Art Feeds Educators teach 3-8 lessons in a day with K-5th grade levels. Lead Educators must have experience in childcare and/or education.
+Dynamic. In our programs in one given school day you will work with the entire school. This requires a dynamic person that can work with K-5th grade levels with excitement, enthusiasm and compassion in our program.
+Kind and Compassionate. Art Feeds works with children that have undergone trauma and are overcoming obstacles in their lives. This requires kindness, patience, understanding and compassion. We believe that a smile is met with a smile and every child that comes into our programs is creative and important. It is your job as an educator to help your students feel valued and understood through kindness and compassion.
+Team Player. To reach our students with a high educator to student ratio, our Teams of Educators have 3-5 people operating together at once. As a Lead Educator, you will set the tone for the rest of your team and must know how to work cohesively with your team to accomplish the Art Feeds curriculum effectively with students. This requires management and understanding of the team in a kind way. We are always an example for our students and must operate in a team as we hope the students will operate in groups together.
+Flexible. Art Feeds programs are completely mobile. We meet students in schools or within organizations. We bring the supplies and man-power. This is a unique facet of our program that requires flexibility from our Lead Educators on teaching location, scheduling and curriculum in the schools we reach.
+Quick-Learner. Each school is a different environment and culture in itself. Art Feeds lead educators must be quick learning and adaptable to these cultures and changes. Art Feeds curriculum is formatted for the Lead Educator to teach, but each classroom is different and dynamic which will require the lead educator to learn lesson adjustments and the tendency of students.

Only passionate, creative, hardworking individuals need complete the application. Thank you for looking to be a part of the Art Feeds Family!

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Resumes can be submitted to johanna@artfeeds.org. Thank you!