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* 2. Rocks are broken up into three major groups:

* 3. Which rock forms from melted rock - either from magma below the Earth's crust or from lava above it?

* 4. Metamorphic rocks form deep inside Earth from other types of rocks. Which forces produce metamorphic rocks?

* 5. Mud, silt, and sand are all:

* 6. The concept that the Earth's upper layer, or crust, is divided into large, rigid segments which are in motion is termed:

* 7. The three types of boundaries between the Earth's plates are named:

* 8. The plates of the Earth move because of:

* 9. Which major river begins in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and ends in the Gulf of California in Mexico?

* 10. Erosion can be caused by which of the following? Check all that apply

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