This profitability survey explores the many dimensions of law firm profitability practices.  It recognizes that profitability is a critical element of law firm success, but it remains one of the most challenging topics because of the difficulty in getting partner buy-in, the complexity of costing models with the associated political headaches that frequently accompany them, as well as the fast-moving nature of legal technology available to help address it.

The survey also explores the nuances of projects associated with measuring profitability and improving it.  A firm can change its measurement system but not its underlying performance, while also enhancing its profit performance without changing the underlying measurement system (e.g., through rate increases, reducing write-downs or bad debt, improving cross-selling).  Both are important and critical to the firm’s success over the long run.

The survey should take at most 10 minutes to complete, and for financial teams, there is a more detailed section that will be an additional 10 minutes.  We encourage you to answer all questions but you may skip any one.  All personal and firm information will be kept confidential.

7% of survey complete.