Dear Client:
We ask you to help us serve our clients better by filling out this report card. It will just take a minute to check the best answer box, but we'd like your comments, too. Thank you!

* 1. When you called for help, were you able to get through to our intake unit the first time you tried?

* 2. When you reached the intake unit for help, Legal Aid's intake procedure was:

* 3. The length of time between calling and talking to someone was:

* 4. This length of time seemed:

* 5. Did you get what you wanted?

* 6. The quality of help provided by Legal Aid was:

* 7. If your problem happened again, would you:

  Yes No
know what to do on your own?
call back to Legal Aid for help?

* 8. Were you treated with courtesy and respect?

* 9. Did you use our automated callback feature?

* 10. If you used the automated callback feature, did it work as you expected?

* 11. How did you find our telephone number?

* 12. Have you ever called the recorded legal scripts (1-866-leglaid) after-hours?

* 13. If yes, did you find them useful?

* 14. What was the best thing about receiving advice over the telephone?

* 15. What was the worst thing about receiving advice over the telephone?

* 16. If advised to take some given action, did you do it and if not, why not?

* 17. Client Name (required)

* 18. Your email address so we can answer you if needed:

* 19. Dates you received service from VLAS (required)?

* 20. Paralegal Name (Optional)